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White Spelt Wheat Flour


Spelt is one of the oldest and genetically healthy grain, immune to pollution, pests and mineral fertilizers.


Vitamins and other nutrients are spread out throughout the layers of the Spelt grain, thus they remain even in finely ground flour particles.


You can replace regular white flour with this flour.

Product description
One of the kind wheat

Spelt is one of the oldest species of grain, dating back to the Stone Age. In contrast to other species of wheat, Spelt grain is covered with the lemma and palea, which protect them from diseases and pests. Spelt grain does not absorb mineral fertilizers; therefore, it is seldom grown industrially.

Naturally nutritious

Spelt grain contains almost all nutritional substances and vitamins, which are necessary for the humans. The main difference between Spelt and regular wheat is that vitamins and nutritional substances are spread in all layers of Spelt grain. Thus, more of them remain in flour even after fine grinding.

Nutritional substances of Spelt grain demonstrate excellent solution characteristics; therefore, they are easily absorbed by human body. Supposedly, pastries baked with Spelt flour do not cause weight gain.

Unique gluten structure

Spelt gluten is different from other wheat. Research shows that Spelt gluten does not cause the allergic reaction to third participants who are sensitive to gluten of regular wheat.

A fine substitution of regular wheat flour

This white Spelt flour can be used for baking all products that you make of usual white flour – pastries, buns, biscuits, waffles, pancakes, cookies, homemade pasta and pizzas


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Danutė2019-04-01 11:23 rašė:

Labai įdomu kuo šiuos miltus isbalinate?

    Malsena2019-04-01 11:26 rašė:

    Sveiki, miltus vadiname “šviesiais”, kadangi taip pat malame ir visų grūdo dalių miltus, kurie vizualiai yra tamsesni. Taigi, toks pavadinimas reikalingas, kad vartotojas lengviau juos atskirtų. Specialiai šių miltų nebaliname, jie yra šviesūs dėl naudojamos malimo technologijos.