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Company’s history

“Malsena” is one of the biggest and most modern grain processing industrial group in Lithuania. Having mastered the modern milling technology, the company produces a wide range of products: different types of wheat and rye flour, flour mixes, wheat germ and bran.
Advanced technologies allow the group to adjust itself to the ongoing demands of the market and deliver the highest quality products to the consumers. The customers’ requirements are the main instigators motivating “Malsena” to expand its product range on a regular basis.


One of the oldest steam mills in Panevėžys was founded on Kranto street.


According to historical sources Panevėžys mill was processing more than 5 million of poods of wheats per year. By the end of XIX c. Lithuanian flour was brought to Riga, St. Petersburg, Port of Liepaja, Moscow and Warsaw by the newly built railway road Liepaja-Romna.


The first privately owned, industrial millhouse in Lithuania.


A purchasing organization was founded - it was occupied with acceptance and storage of cereal crops, high quality seeds and hay.


The enterprise was joined by Panevezys mill where flour has been milled long since the middle of the 19th century.


The enterprise started making combined fodder.


Operation of a new elevator and mill was started.


The enterprise was reorganized to "Malsena". The name is directly derived from the type of activities of the company.


The company started providing buyers with rye production and department of flour mixes was opened - mixes for pancakes, dessert crepes and pizza were introduced into the market.


Production of flour mixes for cakes and sponge-cakes was started.


Production of mixes for grated potato pancakes was started, later, a mix of potato dough for making "zeppelins" (big dumplings) was introduced into the market.


A modern reconstructed mill in Vievis opened, pasta production is started.


Wheat starch, gluten and granulated fodder plant project was started.


At the end of the year national contest "Innovation Award 2007" was wined in category Innovative enterprise.


Wheat stach, glutent, granulated fodder production in Panevėžys was separated to new named company AB "Amilina", and old traditions having flour business continuing and developing further by UAB "Malsena plius", based in Vievis.


"Malsena plius" became a part of Baltic grain processing companies group "Baltic Mill".


"Malsena plius" broadened its export horizons - the first flour shipment went to Africa.


The Lithuanian Association of Trade Companies together with the major trading chains nominated and awarded "Malsena plius" as ‘The Most Lithuanian Supplier of the Year 2019‘


With the initiative of "Malsena plius", for the first time in Lithuania, after several years of testing, a successful harvest of durum wheat was grown.


"Malsena plius" has grown the brand in two new categories: the first bronze cut durum wheat pasta made in Lithuania "Malsena" and the line of buckwheat and rice "Malsena Gourmet" introduced to the market.


"Malsena plus" was awarded "Lithuanian Exporter of the Year 2021"


Two new and unique "Malsena" products - steel cut oats and spelt semolina - have been awarded "Lithuanian Product of the Year" gold medals.


"Baltic Mill" shares were transferred to AS Dobeles Dzirnavnieks. "Malsena Plius" and "Amber pasta" remain the property of the existing shareholders.