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Whole grain organic oat flakes

Oats are grown according to the special oat growing programme in Malsena’s supervised farms.

No useful part of the grain is separated, thus all precious components remain in the flakes.

Only from the most valuable oat strains suited for Lithuanian climate conditions.

Product description

We promote conscious living every day, at every sitting at the table. We believe that you also want healthy quality products for your family, which are produced by conserving and responsibly using natural resources.

Whole grain organic oat flakes is a product which we carefully follow throughout all the stages of its production. The raw material for this product is grown in close cooperation with farmers, according to our special oat growing programme created after visiting the best oat farms in Lithuania, Europe and Canada:

  • The most valuable oat strains, best suited for our climate conditions were selected after visiting Scandinavian countries.
  • Certified quality seeds were provided for selected Lithuanian farms.
  • Requirements and conditions for oat farming were established by following the experience of successful oat growers.
  • The process is supervised and monitored from sowing to harvesting.

Oats are distinguished from other grain cultures by their unique fibre composition because they have soluble and insoluble fibres that are especially beneficial for human body. Beta-glucans help to maintain normal blood cholesterol levels. It is said that the effect of beta-glucans can be felt if at least 3 g of beta-glucans from oat flakes are used daily. A 90 g portion of oat flakes contains this portion of beta-glucans.

Oats are also valued for:

  • Vitamins (B group and folic acid);
  • Minerals (iron, selenium, magnesium);
  • Easily assimilated proteins.


This product is labelled with keyhole symbol. Products marked with the Keyhole symbol contain significantly less saturated fat, sugar salt and more dietary fibre.