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Rye Flour

Product description

Light rye flour types 700 and 815 are the most popular in the industrial production. This type of flour is grounded to finer particles and has lower ash content. Due to its qualitative indicators, light rye flour is recommended for production of light rye bread.

Medium rye flour: type 1370 is a little darker than light rye flour highly. It’s also highly favoured by bakers. There is more bran in this flour and it is known to contain more fibre. It is mostly used in the production of dark rye or rye/wheat bread.

Dark rye flour type 1740 or type 1800 are used as the main ingredient for making coarse dark rye bread. This type of flour is non-sifted, grounded to coarser particles and has higher ash content.

Wholegrain rye flour has exceptional grit-like structure. All parts of the grain are grounded during milling, without separating brans and germs. This type of flour is most suitable for baking yeast-free bread with natural leaven – super nutritious, longer-shelf life and high source of fiber.

Packaging options of rye flour:

  • 15 kg, 20kg, 25 kg, 50 kg paper/PP bags
  • in bulk
Main quality indicators of rye flour
Type of Flour Ash content, % Falling number, s Moisture, %
Light rye flour: type 700, 815 0,67-0,80 160-200 13,5-14,0
Medium rye flour: type 1370 1,37-1,52 160-190 12,0-13,0
Dark rye flour: types 1740-1800 1,50-1,80 150-230 12,0-13,0
Wholegrain rye flour 1,50-1,80 170-200 12,0-13,0


Vaida2018-12-25 05:14 rašė:

Sveiki, domina galimybe prekiauti jusu Miltais anglijoje. Ar galima butu gauti pasiulyma?

Malsena2019-01-02 08:04 rašė:

Sveiki, jūsų užklausą perdavėme eksporto skyriui. Su jumis greitu metu susisieks.

vid2020-07-20 18:54 rašė:

kaip uzsakyti miltus i JAV ?

Malsena2020-07-29 11:50 rašė:

Sveiki, apgailestaujame, tačiau šiuo metu tokios galimybės pasiūlyti negalime.