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Private label

Malsena develops, produces, and packages flour and flour mixes according to individual needs for private label products.

Product description

Malsena can offer a variety of wheat, spelt, and rye flour packaged in your own design. Also, Malsena can offer more than 30 ready developed flour mixes to choose from as well as develop new flour mixes based on the original product recipe or the sample provided by the client.

Please find more information on B2B flour and B2B flour mixes sections, or get some inspiration from our product portfolio.

Packaging options of flour
 Paper bags  1 kg

1,75 kg

2 kg

Packaging options of flour mixes
flour mixes comb
Carton box

+ PAP/PP paper bag(s) inside

1 x 300-700 g
2 x 200-250 g
3 x 150-200 g
4 x 100-150 g
Paper bags  1 kg

1,75 kg

2 kg

Stand-up pouches  300-500 g


Zivile2019-08-02 18:08 rašė:

Laba diena noreciau pasiteirauti ar galiu uzsisakyti popiriniu maiseliu miltu pakavimui ?

Malsena2019-08-05 08:50 rašė:

Sveiki, tokios paslaugos neteikiame.