Malsena Promotes Healthy Friendly Meals in Lithuanian Schools

In the eve of World Health Day, Malsena gathered Government officials, business and school representatives, as well as, pupils and their parents to discuss the quality of meals at schools and potential ways to fight the prevailing unhealthy eating habits among children. The discussion was followed by healthy-friendly meals for all discussion participants and pupils of Vilniaus “Genio” progymnasium.

The recent research of SMLPC has shown that every second school child in Lithuania consumes sweets at least once or several times a day, and nearly quarter of school children are overweight.

In a light of the present situation, European Commission has directed all EU members to put in force national legislations which would require to improve nutritional values for school meals to an even greater extent by the end of 2017.

Ministry of Health of the Republic of Lithuania has already prepared and passed a program addressing the question. The newly passed program provides stricter regulations for children nutrition in schools (i.e. product ingredient list, quality, and menu), as well as, encourages the use of the “Key Hole” label products in children meals.

There are only around one hundred products listed under the “Key Hole” label, and we are proud that Malsena is the leading producer in this list.


Moments from the event.