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Malsena’s Oat Cultivation Program

We are the pioneers who brought oat species suitable for human nutrition from Scandinavia and encouraged their widespread cultivation in Lithuania. Oats grown under our Oat Cultivation Program are grown in a nature-friendly way and is known for their exquisite quality. We nurture our oats with love and care throughout their lifetime – from the very seed to a bowl of healthful oatmeal porridge on your morning table. This is the philosophy we have when it comes to creating the highest quality products.

In order to ensure and maintain the highest quality of our crops and protect Lithuanian environment, we developed the Oat Cultivation Program, and gathered the first group of farmers who were willing to join our program. By working closely with farmers we gained experience and celebrated growing harvests. Today the program unites more than 50 farmers in Lithuania, while the oat fields span thousands of hectares.

Oats grown under our cultivation program were fast to gain popularity amongst farmers, in this way allowing us to deliver the highest quality products – oat flakes, porridges, and bran – to our end customers.

We decided to mark the fourth Oat Cultivation Program harvest by inviting our end customers to grow oats together. We captured oat’s journey from the beginning of sowing in April till production and distribution in Autumn. Now we are eager to share this story with you.

You can see how the story of our oats unfolds in five short movies which are placed in our Oat Cultivation Program’s web page.