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About bread

How nice it is to wake up to the amazing aroma of home-made bread, with memories of childhood in the countryside and the taste of fresh, crispy bread at the breakfast table. You need so little to fill your day with warmth and a good mood. Long ago Lithuanian rural people baked bread from non-separated grain flour, and real rye bread was only baked on special occasions. They also used to bake simple scalded bread, which was usually flavoured with salt and cumin. Our ancestors used to cover the peel with maple, horseradish, cabbage leaves, and sweet flags, place oblong or round loaves on top and put them in the furnace with hot coals.
lietuviska namine duona

Nowadays we can choose from various types of bread. Some find traditional black rye bread the most delicious. Others like bread from different countries with a whole variety of flavours. Recently Lithuanians have started to like crispy French baguettes and fluffy Italian ciabatta bread.

Usually bread is baked from the following main ingredients: water, wheat or rye flour, salt and natural leaven or yeast. Nowadays bread is flavoured with various seeds, carrots, tomatoes, zucchini and olives. Delicious bread has 4 features: an attractive appearance, a great flavour, a crispy crust and a delicious aroma.

By considering your purchasing habits and wishes to cook at home, we have created black, white and wholemeal bread mixes. These flour mixes are natural, you only need to add water and yeast. The ideal aroma, crust colour, softness and porosity of traditional Lithuanian home-made bread was achieved with much experimentation. We invite you to try taste home-made bread with a great aroma without putting in much effort every day.