Wheat flour is milled from soft wheat grain. It is used as the main material for bread products and sweet pastries and snacks; it makes up almost 1/3 of all products used for food.

Quality indicators of Superior grade wheat flour (type 550):

Type Ash, % Gluten, %
550 B 0,51-0,63 31-32
550 C 0,51-0,63 28-30
550 D 0,51-0,63 25-27
550 E 0,51-0,63 22-24


LST 1133 classifies wheat flour into types determined by the residue of mineral substances, i.e. ash and gluten proteins, after burning the flour. The number indicates the ash content and the letter indicates the gluten content.

The following general requirements are also applicable to wheat flour:

Moisture, % Impurity of metal, mg/1 kg Sieving, %
<15 <3 98-99


Smell: typical smell of wheat flour, free from bitter smell of mould or other foreign smells.
Taste: typical taste of wheat flour, free from bitter taste of mould or other foreign tastes.
Grain and flour pests: prohibited.
Foreign substances: prohibited.
Potato disease: prohibited.
Particle size: at least 98% of flour must pass through a 212 μm sieve (corresponding to the polyamide sieve No. 30 PC-120 or nylon sieve of the same size).

Shelf life: 12 months from the date of production.